Owner Representation, Construction Management, Heavy & Civil Design


Following the success of the first Monforton School expansion in which Tate Management (TM) participated, the District found itself almost immediately at capacity to serve the exceptional growth of their student population. TM was invited back by the Monforton School District to help develop a successful bond strategy, manage the design process, and execute the project during the construction phase.

It was essential for Phase 2 of the Monforton School Expansion to result in the “biggest bang for the buck” — to fit the greatest scope of work possible within the limitations of their legislated bonding capacity. TM was instrumental in leading the planning phase to reveal the key elements the stakeholders desired, while remaining within the anticipated $2,900,000 budget from the bond issue before the voters.

The construction of the project occurred in phases, requiring careful planning to ensure the safety of students and faculty. The new construction phase was completed in only eight months, as planned, so the school could move in and occupy classrooms, kitchen, and cafeteria spaces for the Spring 2015. Following new construction, the renovation phase was completed ahead of schedule and so students, faculty, and staff were able to experience their benefit during the school year.

Monforton School’s Phase 2 Expansion included:

  • Three new classrooms
  • Renovation of the existing cafeteria to an additional classroom
  • Addition of breakout learning spaces, offices, & other accessory areas
  • New kitchen & food service facility
  • New cafeteria/multi-purpose meeting room
  • New fire service access & life safety enhancements

Careful management of quality, cost, schedule, safety, and risk resulted in a very successful project by any measure. In fact, the school was able to save and use more than half of their contingency budget on additional “wish list” items.

We are very proud of our experience and success at the Monforton School, and feel this project continues to showcase our talents and value on complicated, schedule-critical and budget-constrained work.

“Bryan has been an incredible resource in all aspects of the construction process. He has helped with the planning processes of all additions to our school, as well as following through during the construction process . . . [and] also participated in the Master Planning process and has been able to provide valuable input into space constraints in our current location. He has been available to provide information to all media including radio, newsprint and television.”