Owner Representation, Construction Management, Heavy & Civil Design

MSU – Johnson Energy, Bozeman, Montana
Park High School, Livingston, Montana
Sourdough Fire Station , Bozeman, Montana
Geotechnical Engineering, Big Sky, Montana

“Building on Our Experience”

As your trusted advisor, Tate Management™ serves to represent your best interests from inception to delivery.

From the beginning, we have believed that listening is an essential key to the success of our clients' projects and from that, our own success. We recognized long ago that the core values of our clients’ projects must be clearly understood. We understand that every project is unique, and we strive to excel in understanding your needs by asking the right questions in order to reveal the important details of your project.

Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental values in how we work. Time and again, we have assembled teams of design and construction professionals perfectly suited to the needs of a wide array of projects. We have developed and applied a process of selection that not only delivers successful projects, but also brings together a team that is enjoyable to work with, and that share the values so important to each of us at Tate Management.

You and your project succeed because we build on our experience — airports, five-star hotels, bridges, corporate headquarters, schools, restaurants, custom condominiums, and more. We’ve been privileged to be able to work great people to complete a wide array of projects. Successfully. Each project has taught us something, provided for our continuous improvement, and refined our methods for your benefit.

“Bryan is an excellent problem solver with a great skill in seeking win/win solutions. Due to his extra efforts, he has been able to find the best price for our renovation efforts.”

We deliver a successful project along with peace of mind. Embarking on a project can be an anxious time for an owner, but you are in good hands with Tate Management.

It’s all in how we execute. We navigate your project by the four points of our compass: quality, cost, schedule, and risk. These values are interconnected — a change in one affects another. The management strategies we have developed control these variables to provide a predictable and successful outcome.