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Originally built in the late 1800s, although Monforton School has undergone many changes over the years, the scope of the current expansion and renovation is extensive and ambitious. Due to the tremendous growth Monforton School District has experienced in recent years, there emerged a profound need to add additional classroom space, upgrade their existing facility, and prepare to configure their campus for future master planning. Tate Management (TMI) was enlisted to manage this work.

New Construction Phase —
Adapting to Meet Changing Client Needs

While work commenced on the new construction in June 2011, the 2012 student enrollment figures accumulated over the summer showed that the student population was increasing rapidly. It became clear that the school needed use of new classrooms as soon as possible. TMI’s careful management of the project accelerated completion of over 11,000 SF of classrooms and administration space in a very short nine months. We were able to optimize and coordinate the completion, punch list, inspections, and furniture delivery to occur during the school’s spring break, resulting in an utterly painless transition where students returned to new classrooms.

Renovation Phase —
Value of Initial Project Planning

After the successful delivery of the new construction phase of the project, TMI moved to managing the renovation phase. As a result of careful planning, open communication with school administration, and keen sensitivity to school operations, faculty, and students, renovation proceeded with minimal, non-consequential impact on student and staff.

"In a public school district on an extremely tight budget, Mr. Tate has served us extremely well in dealing with change orders, getting the most he can for taxpayer money and helping our school board look to the future for cost savings."